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Debt collectors typically utilize different tactics to get the money from the indebted people, and Moorcroft Debt Recovery is not an exception. In this article, we will consider different tactics the Moorcroft Group plc might use against you. Besides, you will find out how to deal with Moorcroft in general and how not to pay them.

🔍 How Moorcroft Debt Collections Work

Before we will proceed further, we must first find out how the Moorcroft Debt Recovery works. All in all, this is a usual for-profit company, which means that it pursues the profits and will not care much about your interests and problems. This is the way Moorcroft Group plc works:

  • Moorcroft Solicitors (i.e. their salesmen) purchase badly performing debt and loans from banks and other companies. They get profits by purchasing these debts for much lower than their face value and, then, collecting those debts from the borrowers. For instance, if you owe £200 to the bank, they may buy this debt for £40 or £50, while charging the full amount from you (and their own charges on top of that).
  • Along with those debts, Moorcroft Solicitors also get databases of the indebted customers. Right after that, these debt collectors start to pressure the borrowers to give the money back. Considering that the firm’s profits depend solely on how many loans will be returned, you shouldn’t expect that any employee of the Moorcroft Group plc will care about your particular situation (loss of your job, having your wallet stolen or anything else).

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  • Once your debt is in the hands of Moorcroft Group plc, you will be handled by this company. Almost every day, the company has early-morning meetings, where the employees are explained about how to deal with borrowers. For instance, you might hear that Moorcroft has phone number of your bosses or neighbors, and that they will tell them about your debt and ask them to pay it. Or that they will make arrangements to take some of yours or your family’s property.
  • Keep in mind that usually companies tell collectors how much money they expect them to get, and Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited is not an exception. This means that Moorcroft collectors will not want to hear about your current situation and why you can’t pay them back. They will require you to pay the money back.

🏦 Moorcroft Debt Recovery Tactics

Here, we will actually list the most common debt collection tactics of Moorcroft Group plc. There are the following possible methods of debt collection by Moorcroft:

  • Letters. This is the standard form of debt collection, as you will receive letters, stating that you owe money and the exact amount (the principal + charges). Frequently, such standard letters breach the guidelines of the OFT, as they look like other official documents (like court claims, for example). Be aware of this.
  • Phone calls. This is a standard tactic of the debt collection companies. They may call 5-10 times per day at every number they have – including your home, work, and mobile numbers. They are also likely to send SMS messages to you, asking you to call them on their premium numbers (and so you will be charged even more).
  • Illegal tactics. If none of that has actually worked, there are plenty of illegal tactics used by debt collection companies. Among others, these tactics include ignoring legitimate wishes in respect to when and where to contact you, calling you at unreasonable times, claiming to be bailiffs, and claiming to have documents from the courts. Also, Moorcroft may falsely state that a certain action can be taken (while legally it cannot be taken) or falsely state that not paying a debt is a criminal offense and criminal charges will be put forward against you.

📑 How to Settle an Agreement with Moorcroft Group Plc

There are several ways how you can get rid of the problems with Moorcroft Debt Recovery, and we will consider all of the ways in this part of our article.

Many borrowers choose the way of simply ignoring the calls and other ways of contacting from Moorcroft. Even though it is possible that such means may help you to avoid paying off your debt, it may really worsen the quality of your life and cause a great deal of stress. Under the Limitation Act 1980, a creditor has from six (for most unsecured loans) to twelve (for certain mortgages) years to chase the borrowers. You should keep in mind that that period counts from the acknowledgement of the debt or the last payment made by you.

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A far more effective way might be to settle an agreement with Moorcroft Debt Recovery. Typically, such companies (as we have already stated above) buy debts at a very discounted rate, usually at around of 20% of face value. Considering that some customers really pay off entire loans, the companies make a really good profit.

So, first you should contact the company on your own. Instead of talking to the debt collectors who usually call you or contact you otherwise, you should make a contact on your own. Contact Moorcroft and offer them to settle an agreement with you. Before that, we recommend you to check the Moorcroft Debt Recovery reviews as well.

You should write a letter, in which you should specify your current situation (lost job or other actual obstacles that do not allow you to pay your loan back in full). Also, state a sum you are ready to pay to settle the case with Moorcroft, so they will stop chasing you. Keep in mind that the company may also try to get a larger amount during the negotiations. So, you can at first write that you are ready to pay 20% of the loan to settle it, and then be ready to negotiate the final settlement conditions.

📱 Moorcroft Debt Recovery Email and Contact Number

Unfortunately, there is no stated Moorcroft Debt Recovery email address on the company’s website. If you want to contact Moorcroft Group plc, please call 0330-123-9765 – this is the Moorcroft number for phone calls. You can also submit an online query on this page:

🔑 Free Help for Debt Relief

There are plenty of debt management companies that charge customers for their services. But here, we have collected a list of free debt relief services, which you might find useful:

  • PayPlan. This is an independent provider of free debt help and free management plans.
  • National Debtline. This organization offers you free help via phone and helps you to set up a free debt management account.
  • StepChange Debt Charity. This organization provides advice or free debt management plans.
  • Citizens Advice. Provides free debt help in person or by phone.
  • Christians Against Poverty. The members of this organization can visit you at home, provide advice, and help you to budget your expenses and payouts.
  • Shelter. This is a house charity that provides advice and help in person, online, or by phone.


Q: What is Moorcroft Group?

Moorcroft Group plc appears to be one of the largest debt collectors in the United Kingdom. It works with a variety of companies, including banks, credit providers, and mobile operators.

Q: Is Moorcroft Debt Recovery legitimate?

Yes, indeed, Moorcroft Debt Recovery, as one of the largest debt collectors in the country, tends to be legitimate.

Q: Will Moorcroft take me to court?

In short, the answer is “yes.” In order to avoid court proceedings, you have to contact the company and find a solution to how settle the debt. Most companies are satisfied with only the fact that you are already paying.

However, if ignore contacting the company and do not pay off your debt, the debt collector (either on its own or on the behalf of its client) may turn to the court. Then, you might receive documents from the court (a county court judgement), which will authorize enforcement agents to attend your house. Then, they will be able to sell your property to pay off your debt. As you can see, Moorcroft may take you to court.

Q: Do I have to pay Moorcroft?

As we have just pointed out above, arranging a settlement with Moorcroft Group plc is highly recommended. In this way, you can avoid court proceedings and having your property confiscated.

By the way, you can also find out about the Safety Net Credit.

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